Python 2016 Education Summit Notes

I participated in the education summit today. My talk slides for "Doing Math with Python" is available here.

Here are some notes on the other talks I attended.


  • Education WG
  • PythonZero
  • GPIO Zero
  • Network zero:
  • Zero: based on an established package, emphasis is on up-and-running use in a classroom, Relevant error messages


  • Mu, demos

Lessons learned from teaching Python

  • Put your work out there on the internet
  • Think about internationalization
  • Self publish Amazon's create space, Kindle
  • Quizzes, collect data, data mining
  • Instructor section
  • Online markup of code
  • EpicPen
  • YouTube channel
  • Libraries: Pygame, Arcade


  • Demos
  • pzrun

Minecraft with Python

  • Use Python to interact with Minecraft
  • CoderDojo Minecraft bundle
  • Using Jupyter Notebooks

PyCharm Edu

  • Courses
  • Checkout PyCharm EDU for creating courses

Teaching data structures with Python

  • Python makes the teacher happy
  • Lab only
  • Algorithms in Python + C (Side by side)
  • Two languages worked well for them.
  • Low level language: easy to find the complexity of the algorithm
  • High level language: hard to find the complexity of the algorithm

Merlin for Data Science Education

  • Where to even start?
  • Effort justification
  • Spending 2hr out of a 8hr session in fixing something is not worth it
  • Shouldn't be proud of battling with tool set rather than not doing the real work
  • Merlin -