What readers are saying

Readers have shared how they are finding Doing Math with Python by posting reviews on Amazon and their own blog. You can view all of them on the Reviews page.

Some readers have also been kind enough to let me know personally how the book has helped them to restart their programming, or looking at something they have been putting off. As the author, I think this is the highest level of appreciation that I could have hoped for.

Recently, Aaron Meurer (the lead developer of SymPy) mentioned the book in an episode of Podcast.__init__ titled "SymPy with Aaron Meurer". If you are curious to learn more about SymPy, I would recommend listening to it.

I am curious to hear more. If you want to get in touch personally, please do so via any of the following channels:

You can email me at doingmathwithpython@gmail.com.

Alternatively, if you just plan to write a review, please do so on Amazon, O'Reilly or your personal blog.