PyCon Australia 2016 Education Seminar

I attended the PyCon Australia 2016 Education seminar held on 12th August at Melbourne, Australia. I loved the energy of the seminar and was great to hear about all the ways educators in Australia are using Python for their teaching. Here are some notes I took, which I also link with the videos. You can find all the videos here.

Python at Monash

  • Faculty of IT
  • Python close to pseudocode
  • Jupyter Notebooks
  • Jupyter Hub installation at Monash

Keynote: Smart City - From earth to mars and back

  • Video
  • Find a social mission

Teaching Python

  • Video
  • Teaching isn't easy
  • Programming isn't easy, it's new
  • Grok learning,, coursera, codecadaemy..
  • Emphasise the fundamentals, don't assume anything, be explicit

Python with Minecraft

  • Video
  • Get kids excited
  • Consumers to creators

Teaching Geometry using Logo/Python turtle module

  • Video
  • Don't teach subjects in silos
  • Show students you can do real useful stuff with programming
  • Turtle powered Geometry
  • Grok learning lessons (turtle in your browser)